Andrew Holmes, Urn, color pencil on paper, 2003, 31" (H) x 21"(W)


The Golden Hour

June 7, 2014 through December 2014

“Holmes’ most favorite subject has always been Los Angeles, or rather, the lines of transportation that artfully sustain the city across the harsh surrounding desert. He is an architect by vocation and a teacher, the concatenation of mobile structures on the American Highway (trucks, trailers and tanks) with their permanent industrial armature (which channels, fills, fuels, unloads, washes) is for him the great architecture of America. Its configurations exist in the recurrent process rather then stasis, and some of his work exploits video, filmstrips and Polaroid assemblage to open up time within the work.”
— From Modern Art in the Common Culture, by Thomas Crow

This exhibition has been made possible with the kind assistance of BMW Beverly Hills

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400 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Komar and Melamid, Self portrait Young Pioneers, oil on canvas, 1982, 72"(H) x 50" (W)

Notes From the Underground:
Moscow 1960 – 1990

Exhibition opening Spring 2015

Notes From the Underground is the first monumental historical retrospective to be presented in the United States of Sots Art (Socialist Art or "Soviet Pop Art"), which originated in the Soviet Union as a reaction against the official aesthetic doctrine of the State – Social Realism, featuring the rarely seen masterworks of over one hundred artists. It is the largest exhibition of Soviet art of this era to ever be presented in the United States drawn from prominent museum and private collections and covering the years 1952 – present.

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Microscopic Perfect Cube (2005)

From the collection of Andrea Nasher.

The primary apparatus is designed as a vibration-free chamber to house the microscopic cube, coupled with a video magnification system to make the central object viewable. The cube itself is made of solid steel that has been reduced to a hundredth of an inch. Works from the Perfect Cube series are fabricated to a level that exceeds our ability to visually judge the accuracy that their titles declare; hence the power of these works lies in their ability to take such values to an extreme, creating a bar of distinction so high ('nano-precision') that it can't be met by the art viewer.

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